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Candle Walk in the Snow 280 GR

The Scented Candle Snowbound:

Perfume the different rooms of the house with our range of Vegetable Candles and in particular the Scented Candle Snowbound.

The Scented Candle Scented Snow is made in the tradition of wax masters based on 100% vegetable wax without paraffin and with a natural wick 100% cotton. It is poured and dressed by hand in our workshops, which gives it a unique character.
The vegetable wax that composes it is a noble and natural ingredient that reveals the notes of the fragrance. It delivers a delicate scent that will bring a warm and refined atmosphere.

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The Scented Candle Balade Enneigé delivers notes of pine, orange, cinnamon and musk.

Burn time of about 55 hours.

Net Weight: 280g

Made in France

Olfactive Pyramid:
Head: Pine Needle, Orange, Nutmeg, Mandarin

Heart: Bay St Thomas, Cedar, Cinnamon

Background: Mousse, Tonka Beans, Musk

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