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Matcha and Cofee eye contour Cream

This balm for the eye contour is composed of oils and ingredients carefully chosen for their circulatory and draining properties, making this eye contour balm an ally for more sleepy mornings.

Matcha, besides being delicious, is versatile. This tea is suitable for all skin types. Rich in polyphenols, matcha creates a protective barrier against free radicals responsible in part for the premature aging of the skin. Its draining action, allowing a better circulation, helps to blur the bags under the eyes.

The coffee has macerated in rice bran oil, a dry oil rich in vitamin E. The coffee is known in cosmetics for its circulatory benefits, revitalizing, draining, toning ... and the list is long. In this balm for the eye contour, we chose it for its "concealer" properties.

Made of organic ingredients.
100% vegan
Not tested on animals.

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