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Vegetable Candle Orange Cinnamon


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Perfume the different rooms of your house with our large range of Vegetable Candles and in particular the Handcrafted Cinnamon-Orange Candle.

This candle is made in the purest tradition of wax masters with a 100% vegetable wax base, without paraffin and with a natural 100% cotton wick. It is poured and crafted by hand in our workshops, which gives it a unique character.

The vegetable wax that composes it is a noble and natural ingredient which reveals the notes of the fragrance. It delivers a fragrance of great delicacy that will bring a warm and refined atmosphere.

This vegetable candle delivers a delighting fragrance of sweet orange with which are mixed spicy notes of cinnamon, an invitation to the awakening of senses.

About 40 hours of combustion time.

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